It was only a matter of time…

It was only a matter of time to end up writing in English in my own blog. First of all, I would like you all to pardon me if I make any mistake, I am not a native English. And now I am not sure what I am going to talk about…

Science, what an amazing world! During my teen years I had been wondering how it would be to study biology and unravel all mysteries that lay beneath the surface of nature. With this purpose, I started my own way by choosing only science subjects during my secondary education, and only then I learnt that that was my way, and it still is. But I had never thought it would be such a long and difficult way to go through, even when I failed some tests during my bachelor in Biotechnology.  

After I finished my graduate studies I started wondering about my future in science and how could I give a little piece of myself to it. It is not easy if we take in mind that a vast majority of the graduates aim to start a PhD and eventually become a researcher in fields like cancer or neurobiology. But thanks to some people I knew some months ago, I learnt that there are several other ways to walk along after your studies, even though the university for some reasons did not talk about them, but that’s another thing. The more unusual jobs (but nowadays rising) related to science but not close to research are among the following:

– Product Management & Commercial.

– Technology Transference.

– Patent Management.

– Education in Secondary School.

– …

There are plenty of jobs related to the marketing and management sector of science, but I do not feel they would make me feel very useful, all except for one, that I have not completely discarded: Education. Some will say that make a sudden change to teaching could be regarded as giving up your aims to be a researcher, and some may be right. However, science needs to be spread, and the good researcher needs also to be a good divulger for not falling into the mistake of being unable to explain their work.

What I am trying to explain is that, even the criticism over divulgers or teachers will always be there for showing what could seem “the frustrated ones”, I would like to totally position myself against that statement. Teachers have taught us what we know, and thanks to them we have been able to choose what we wanted to become. Who will dare to call you a loser for choosing to be a teacher if maybe one day you will be an inspiration for a secondary school student who will someday become a biologist?

Anyway, I will leave the rest of this discussion for yourselves, as I think I have already written to many words and my head is starting to collapse itself. Personally, I would not regret starting a career as a teacher someday, I have been many years working as a private teacher for kids and the satisfaction of seeing how they improve only by trying hard and listening carefully is overwhelming. Perhaps more rewarding that performing average research. Easier? Depends on your idea of “easy”.

I promise I will write more posts in English, specially those related to science, because they are easier to understand. I leave here one of my English loves…




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